I love cats, and want to share with you what I know about taking care of cats.


First, you need to know if you have enough money. I think you can save money so you can buy the cat and all things the cat needs to have like food bowls, a plastic box for the cat sand and so on. Thatís things you only buy once. What you need to know is if you have enough money to paying cat food, cat sand, the yearly veterinary surgeon visit, the veterinary surgeon visit if your cat went sick and so on.


Remember the kitten is very cute, but all kittens grown up. You must have responsibility for your cat in 14 Ė 20 years. Donít buy a kitten as a toy to your child. A child isnít big enough to take care of a kitten or a grown-up cat. You as an adult must have the fully responsibility for the kitten.


Have you decided to buy a kitten? Do that in a period there you can use much time to learn the kitten everything it needs to know.

Take home the kitten in a special cat cage. When you come home, let the kitten stay in the cat cage for awhile. Open the cat cage door, and let the kitten come out when it wants to. Let your kitten be in just one or two rooms at first, so it can feel safe. If the kitten hide, donít do anything. Your kitten comes out when it feels your home is a safe place to live in.


You must learn the kitten to urinate and do a poo in the box with cat sand, so it doesnít urinate on your carpets. Every time when you have feed your kitten, take it to the box with cat sand. If your kitten need to urinate, it walking around in a special way and I promise you know when itís time to take the kitten to the box with cat sand. If you show the box with cat sand to your kitten, it will urinate and do a poo in the box. Cats is animals who whant it clean around itself, so you must take away the poo-poo every day. If your cat urinate outside the box, something is wrong. Check if yoy have taken away all poo-poo, or if the box is smelling in a way your cat doesnít like. Never use cleaning products who smell parfume. If you need cleaning products, always use products without parfume. Just make the box clean with only water is mostly enough. If your cat donít want to use the cat sand box even if itís clean and fresh, it can have been sick and you must take your cat to the veterinary surgeon.



You must feed the kitten with kitten food. Just put the kitten food in a special bowl just for cat food in the morning, and then the kitten eat what it needs during the day. Please give the kitten much water, you must always have a water bowl beside the cat food bowl. Use the same food as the breeder have given the kitten. Ask the breeder for a food list. When changing the food, do it slowly and mix the new food with the old one in the start. If you just change the food, your kitten (and, of course a grown-up cat, too) can get diarrhoea.

When your cat gets older it needs food 2-3 times a day.


My kitten is in our home now, since October 5. Pictures is coming, but we canít get our digital camera working so I donít know when.


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