You can click at the links below if you want to play some games. If you want to know what kind of game it is, read the description.





Dot-to-dot online.


The flying cow

Can you get the cow in the middle of the field?


Junkbot Undercover

Try to put the Lego bricks so Junkbot can reach the cans.


The Strike Team shooting range

Shoot and see if you can get top score.



Some free shockwave games. Enjoy!


Go fishing with the dad in the Mumin family

Nice little fishing game. Try to get as many fishs as possible. No high score list, but still fun.


Mini Golf

Play mini golf. You can play by yourself, or with a friend. Who can get the highest score?


Cat Games

The best collection of cat games I’ll ever seen!


Jump Game

In this litte cute jump game you have to jump to the next rock or mushroom. Count the space betweem the rock or mushroom where your rabbit is now, and the next rock or mushroom. Click on one of the numbers in the bottom of the screen and the rabbit jump. Watch out, if you do wrong your rabbit is falling between the rocks. Try to jump so you catch the balloons to get extra points.