Here I have collected all links I like. Just feel free to click around. You can see each site in a popup window, so you easily can bookmark it if you want.


A site about Asperger’s Syndrome




You can learn some about things you never heard of. Sorry, this is a page only in Swedish!



On you can download freeware, shareware and demos. If you want a special program, you may find it here!



The Brick Testament is the Bible story’s in an easy way. Every scene is built up with Lego and Lego figures, and the text is easy to read. It’s a nice little site, but remember the bible is sometimes containing nudity, sexual content, violence and cursing.



Do you want to know everything about plastic models? Do you want to ask other plastic modellers about how to do? Take a look on IPMS Stockholm’s home site. IPMS is a plastic models club. The site is both in English and Swedish.



A site about the girl Carla and how to be a powerful girl with eating more calcium. Calcium is good for your bones, and maybe you can learn some while you playing around.




More links to come …