Cheese spread


This cheese spread is easy to do. You need only sour milk, a coffee maker and some spices.

Put a coffee filter into the coffee maker, and the coffee kettle down under it. In the coffee filter you put som sour milk. Now let it be maybe half a day. The most of the fluid from the sour milk should be in the coffee kettle.

Now take away the sour milk from the coffee filter with a spoon. Put it into a tin and put down some spices. You put down the spices you like, but I prefer salt with herbs, paprika spice and some other herbs you have. If you like onion, you can take a yellow onion and make it into very small parts and mix it into the sour milk. And now you have maded your own cheese spread. Easy, wasnít it?


If you use a bucket and a colander like when your mother does fruit syrup you can do much more at a time, for example if you want to give some to your friends.


You can do the cheese spread from old sour milk you havenít eaten up yet. If you do that, remember the cheese spread only is tasty a few days. If you buy fresh sour milk and do the cheese spread when coming home, you can have it in your refrigerator in one or two weeks. The best is if you do only a little cheese spread at a time, and eat it up in a few days.




Toast dip


Make some toast and slice them into long pieces.

Put some sour milk in a small bowl and add your favorite spices. Spices with onion or barbeque spices is tasty, but itís all up to you. Stir the sour milk and the spices with a spoon. Donít stir too much.

Put the toast slices into the sour milk and then eat. You can do that just before a dinner to make you hungry, or have it like snacks when watching your favorite show on TV.




Sandwich Pizza


You donít have to make pizza dough if you want to make pizzas. Use bread instead of pizza dough. Choose whatever you like, but it should be soft, round and not dark.

You also need peanut butter, tomatoes, bananas, cheese and pizza spices.

Turn your oven on. 200 degrees Celsius is just perfect.

Put some peanut butter on each bread. Slice tomatoes in round slices and put it all over the bread. Put some pizza spices all over it.

Slice one banana and put one piece of banana on each tomatoe slice. Put sone more pizza spices all over it.

Now slice the cheese with a cheese slicer and put the slices all over. When all food is covered by cheese, itís enough.

Put the sandwich pizza on your oven grill. Let it be there for 10 minutes, and thatís it.

You can put on whatever you like and make your own Sandwich Pizza, like sausage, meat in small slices and so on. If you use oil, butter, sauce or something like that you need to put a baking tin in the bottom of the oven, or else you have to clean the oven after you have taked the Sandwich Pizza out.